Florida Couple Turns Tables on Bank of America: Arrives at Bank Branch with Deputy and Moving Trucks

In the latest case of wrongful foreclosures the tides have turned and a Florida couple takes on Bank of America by legally threatening to seize assets at a local branch.

Warren and Maureen Nyerges, along with an armed deputy and their lawyer, arrived at Bank of America with a court writ and an “all too familiar” legal choice.

“Pay the money or prepare to lose possessions,” as NPR stated.

Parked out front of the bank sat moving trucks ready to haul out Bank of America’s property since they had failed to pay the couple a court settlement of $2,500. Why did Bank of America owe Warren and Maureen $2,500? The Bank attempted to foreclose on their home 5 months ago even though the couple did not have a mortgage with Bank of America, in fact they had paid for the home in cash. A judge ordered Bank of America to pay for Mr. and Mrs. Nyerges’ legal fees but up until this point, the bank has failed to comply. Shortly after the couple and deputies presented the demands, Bank of America wrote Warren and Maureen a check leaving the Bank manager “visibly shaken” and finally paying what the court had ordered.

This story shows great hope and justice for Americans who have faced this all too common string of wrongful foreclosures. Here at Phillips & Garcia we have helped Americans fight large Banks with cases very similar to this one. You can find out about these cases and how to protect yourself at our website  www.phillipsgarcia.com.


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