20% of Massachusetts Probate Judges Step Down: How does this affect your business?

Before the end of 2011, 20% of judges in the Massachusetts Probate Court will be stepping down. Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly reports.

So what does this mean for my business?

With significantly less Probate Court judges, the Probate process will slow down dramatically, leaving your business in probate, following your death, for an extended period of time and in the hands of the remaining overwhelmed judges.

How do I pass down my business without being affected by the Probate Court?

Set up a Trust! Setting up a trust is the safest way to make sure your business is passed on in an orderly fashion.

Why a Trust and not a Will?

A Will “comes to life” when you die and passes your business on through the Probate Court System. A Trust, or “living trust,” “comes to life” when still alive and after your death while avoiding Probate Court.

Who can help me set up a trust to protect my business? We can! At Phillips Garcia Law we specialize in protecting business owners by helping them legally pass down their business in the safest and most precise way possible. Contact us using the Contact Form, call us at 508-998-0800, or email us at agarcia@phillipsgarcia.com. As always, you can find out more information on protecting your family and creating Trusts at our website, www.phillipsgarcia.com.

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