About You

You Are One Smart Biz Owner.

You’ve probably come to this website because 1) you are a business owner and 2) because you are looking for information.  And, as a business owner you are probably very busy and you value your time.

Well, as law business owners ourselves (yes, we run a business for the same reasons that you do – to earn a profit) who understand the value of time, we’re not going to waste yours with the typical “lawyer-like” website telling you about our 30 years+ combined experience and showing you pictures of our fancy waiting room and stodgy law books.  No, instead we’re going to provide you with information that you will find useful for your business.

Maybe You’re Wondering About Incorporating Your Business…

If you’re still operating as a sole proprietorship (i.e., a “d/b/a”) and have been putting off incorporating your business, then you may want to consider incorporating your business.  In our book, Running a Small Business? you’ll learn 5 good reasons for incorporating your business now.  And, we’ve made it available to you ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Forming a corporation or LLC online has become much more common as internet accessibility has exploded. As a Massachusetts business attorneys, we are frequently asked whether “I should incorporate my business online?” Before incorporating online, though, request our Free Report to learn more about whether you should incorporate your business online.

Maybe You Have a Business Partner…

Maybe you’re in business with a partner. Have you ever thought about what would happen if something unexpected happened to your partner? Is your business protected if your partner suddenly died? What if he/she became disabled and wasn’t able to work in the business any longer?

Without a buy/sell agreement you could find yourself suddenly in business with your partner’s spouse.  While that may sound harsh, it’s basically true.  A qualified business attorney can help you and your business plan and be prepared for the unexpected.

You’d Like A Lawyer Who Isn’t Going to Be Picking Your Pocket…

Let’s face it, as business owners we’d all like to “have a lawyer in our back pocket.” But we don’t want that lawyer “picking our pocket” with legal fees every time we call them with a quick question.

How many times have you chosen to not call your lawyer because you’re worried you’re going to get a bill for $67.50 in the mail for a 6 minute conversation?

Well, we’ve recognized that this is a hurdle for many business owners when hiring a lawyer. So, we’ve turned most of our business services into flat fee services, so that you’ll know what you’re going to pay before you hire us to do something for you.

Enjoy the Site

If you like what you’ve seen so far, we invite you to keep exploring OneSmartBizOwner.com.  We’ll keep trying to put useful and free stuff on it. And, if you’re ready to contact us, just click here.

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