What is a Buy-Sell Agreement?

A buy-sell agreement is a binding contract between two or more owners of a business.  A buy-sell agreement to a business is like a prenuptial agreement to a marriage; it defines the division of the interests in the business when some triggering event occurs. Common triggers are the death, disability or retirement of an owner; and, even when one owner just wants to leave the business.

A well drafted buy-sell defines the triggering events, sets out who can buy the departing owner’s interest and how that value is established. It will also layout the terms of any buyout.


Experience has shown that owner disputes that arise when one of these triggering events happen can drag on for years and cost the business and owners thousands of dollars in expenses and fees that they could have otherwise avoided. And, business disputes, like divorce disputes, are emotionally draining. With a buy-sell agreement most owner disputes can be avoided.

To learn more about buy-sell agreements or to schedule a free Business Legal Planning session, contact Attorney Andrew Garcia of Phillips & Garcia, P.C. at agarcia@phillipsgarcia.com.

Attorney Andrew Garcia, Your SouthCoast Business Attorney

Attorney Andrew Garcia, your SouthCoast Business Attorney, is a principal of Phillips Garcia Law. He’s created a Business Legal Planning system that will walk you through the process of forming your Massachusetts corporation. Locally he has appeared live on WBSM-AM radio and nationally on NBC’s Today Show and Fox’s Fox & Friends program. If you are interested in learning more about his Business Legal Planning services, just contact him at agarcia@phillipsgarcia.com or by calling (508) 998-0800.


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