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Our Business Legal Planning Services

Are you a sole proprietor (a “d/b/a”) who has been considering incorporating? Maybe you’ve been putting it off waiting for “the right time.”  Perhaps you are thinking about forming an LLC and don’t know which type of entity you should choose? Do you have questions about how to capitalize your new business or transfer assets from your d/b/a to your new corporation.

The SouthCoast Business Attorneys at Phillips Garcia Law can answer your questions and help guide through the process of forming your new corporation or LLC and tailor your business structure to your unique business needs.  We do that in a manner that both directly involves you in the process but still allows you to focus on what you do best – operating your business.

Our relationship, though, doesn’t just end when we’ve formed your business. We are determined to build lifelong relationships with all of our business clients so that they can call us whenever they need some legal advice or are just “in a jam.”  And, think about the value of having a lifelong relationship with a trusted business attorney – by maintaining a long lasting relationship with our business clients, we get to learn the “ins and outs” of your business AND your industry.  So, when you need legal advice quickly, you don’t have to waste time educating a new attorney with whom you have no relationship about your particular business, your unique needs and your industry.

Read about our business practice areas, including incorporating in and outside of Massachusetts, forming LLCs, buy/sell agreements and business succession plans, contract drafting and reviews, and business litigation – and contact us to set up a Business Planning Session.

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