Contract Drafting & Review

Most business disputes arise from either 1) poorly drafted contracts, 2) having no contract at all (or at least no written contract with clearly drafted terms), or 3) not understanding the terms of a contract that you have signed.  And, it’s only after the parties reach a disagreement or an impasse that the lawyers are called in to try to “clean up the mess.”

Think about it from this perspective and answer this question to yourself as honestly as possible: how many times have you signed a contract, maybe an equipment lease for example, and not taken the time to thoroughly review the details of it and understand the terms that could have a material effect on your business?   Do realize that in many instances you may have agreed to subject your business to being sued in a state that is half way across the country because many of those agreements have “jurisdiction” clauses like that?

Unless you are a business lawyer yourself, writing and reviewing your own contracts is a lot like trying to cut your own hair – you may be able to do it yourself, but you’re not going to like how you look after it’s done.


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