Jeffrey G. Swift Chiropractor

Jeffrey G. Swift

Former artist turned Chiropractor, Jeff Swift of Mattapoiset Chiropractic, has been practicing

Chiropractic for 18 years in the South Coast Massachusetts community of Mattapoisett.

What makes Jeff’s Practice so unique?

Conveniently located at the Hawthorne Medical Associates and Mattapoisett Chiropractic on Fairhaven Rd., Jeff communicates closely with his patient’s physicians in order to properly treat their conditions.  Commonly treated conditions include arthritis, back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, headaches, pregnancy and TMJ syndrome.

His pure excitement and love for his practice is displayed through the relationships with his patients, which Jeff believes is a vital contributor to the healing process. After being a rugby player for about 8 years he admits that he enjoys “throwing people around” for a living.

“My patients know that I’m truly excited and am very into what I do.”

We asked Jeff Swift to describe his experience with Phillips & Garcia and this is what he had to say.

“Both of them have helped me on the business end. Andrew is really good in regards to contractual development; he’s very good with real estate and real estate contracts. Carlin is exceptional on being able to take apart a situation and put it into perspective as far as making sense as well as tearing it up from a rational sort of argumentative standpoint. These individuals are clear thinking. They are motivated and know how to basically think very linearly.”

Visit his website at

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