Riding Tax & Accounting, Inc.

Patricia Riding, President of Riding Tax & Accounting, Inc. providing comprehensive business consulting and tax services in the SouthCoast.

Patricia Riding is the President of Riding Tax & Accounting, Inc. located at 50 Ruby Court, Dartmouth, MA. She provides business consulting services and tax preparation to small businesses all along the SouthCoast. Riding Tax & Accounting can be reached at 508-984-3439.

Pat has been providing Phillips Garcia Law with business book keeping and tax preparation work for years. Recently, though, when she decided to incorporate her business, she gave us the opportunity to do so. I had the pleasure of interviewing Pat to ask her more about her business:

How did you start in tax advising and business consulting? Accidentally, really. In the mid-80s, I was looking for a part-time job so that I could be home with my two children. I got a job with an accountant as an officer manager and then started preparing tax returns for clients. Ultimately, I wanted to be my own boss and make my own decisions, so I went off on my own. But, even before that I had worked for 10 years at BankBoston as a credit analyst, reviewing and considering credit applications for small business clients. So, I received a much better understanding of what goes into business accounting and credit applications from that perspective.

But you’re not just a tax preparer? Oh, no.  Tax preparation is actually just a small part of my business. My job is really about small business consulting. I handle bookkeeping, payroll preparation, sales tax, meals tax, accounts receivables (invoicing), and provide financial guidance to small business all around the area. I like to say that my main job is “keeping them on the straight and narrow.”

You’re not only a client of Phillips Garcia, but we are actually a client of yours. Has working with the firm given you any insights? Well, P&G actually formed my new corporation when I decided to incorporate my own business. But, yes, working and consulting for Phillips Garcia has actually given me a new respect for the business of law and how much knowledge a lawyer really needs to handle clients and all the work that goes into a case, even the smaller ones.

Do you have any special offers or incentives? Yes. I’m in my busiest season because it’s tax time, which is January to April. But, I always welcome new business and personal clients. So, I offer $10 off my already competitive tax preparation prices for all new clients.

As we enter a new year is there any advice that you’d give to people who are getting ready to have their taxes done? Yes. The IRS has put in new regulations this year that require all tax preparers to be registered with the IRS. So, when people are looking for a tax preparer they should be asking them for their PTIN number. I’ve been registered with the IRS for years and I always point that out to new clients.

If you’re looking for a highly qualified and competitively priced tax consultant for your business, you can contact Riding Tax & Accounting, Inc. at (508) 984-3439 or by emailing Pat at pjriding@comcast.net.  She’s located at 50 Ruby Court, North Dartmouth, MA 02747.

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